How to dock your NewLync with the IP PBX
Update Time:2023-04-18
It is easy for users to build a hybrid office by themself. First please log into

  1.  (1)  The Team Admini𝔉strator login the Admin Backend. 𒁏

  2. (2)  And OM IP PBX

    Note: Please contact with the technical support to get new OM Version for upgrade before adds new OM. New Rock Technical support: Skype(;Email( 

Step 1: Click “Add OM” on the page of “IPPBX Interconnection>OM”, and input the name 𝔍and the MAC Address of the OM in the pop-up dialog box. And the Administrator’s cell phone will receive a SMS with the Activation Code after added OM. ♓(Note: The name of the OM must correspond to the OM name in the OM Management System).

Step 2: Login to OM Management System, open “Application>NewLync Server”, and f🅷ill in the input box. Fill in the activation code in the input box and compleౠte step1-3. After finishing, please click the Reboot button on the upper right corner to activate OM after restart.

Step 3: Binding New Extension

Fill-in the user and the extension number according to your enterprise’s situation, and select the OM.

Note: Fill-in the extension number which already exist in the ♔OM Management System.

Step 4: Enable the Extension Co-oscillation

   Login the OM Management System and enable the Co-oscillation Function for the new binding extension on the page of “Application>NewLync Docking” as shown below.

Finish all the setting, user with mobile extension number 782 can take the phone calls from any device with the Newlync app. User can make outbound phone calls from mobile extensions, all the call will show the unified company number. Enterprise OM admin can set call authority to different user, e.g. domestic call only,global call, etc.

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