Case study---a manufacturing company use NewLync for remote working in the lock down
Update Time:2023-04-18

As the many workers going back to office, some company still adopting the remote working mode since the pandemic.A traditional manufacturing company in Shanghai now are facing lock down and have t♍o use the hybrid𝓀 working mode to keep the daily collaboration.


Customer back ground

With head office in Shanghai and sales branches in Singapore, Thailand, Shenzhen, Beijing, with high call volumes between the branches and  customers and suppliers.



The head office is under lock down, all the employees has to take phone calls from home.

Stable daily meetings for collaboration, at least support 20 party video meetings.

Networking with oversea branches to cut expensive phone bills.


New Rock solution

1. NewLync account for each employee

2. 3 different 50 party enterprise meeting room.

3. Use NAT Traversal service and OM IP PBX for multi-site networking, turn the global ball into local call, reduce the phone bills.

4. Dock NewLync account to OM IP PBX extensions, allow employee to take phones from their phones or PC.

Customer value

1. For sales and reception, who has high volume phone calls, the NewLync app can help them take phone call from any where, no more important phone calls will be missed even during the lock down,

2. The multi-site networking will help cut the phone bills cost down, save operation cost for the company.

3. NewLync support max up to 400 party stable video meetings, help users to communicate more efficiently.

4. Instant message for daily communication and collaboration.


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