Developed by New Rock Technologies, Inc., NeeHau™ SoftConsole is a PC-based software tool that improves the voice-communications productivity of users of the New Rock OM IP-PBX by providing highly efficient easy-to-use call-management features. Although NeeHau is designed to address a wide range of applications, it is easy to install, eliminating the need for help-desk intervention.
NeeHau SoftConsole is an integrated business phone management system with many extended utilities. With just one click, users can easily access their contact list and dial out, listen to call recordings, and check call histories and notes. Business managers can dynamically access call records of sales or services and acquire first hand update on key business accounts while agents can improve their efficiency thanks to NeeHau’s combination of voice communications and real-time customer-information management.

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Pop-up Incoming Call Notification

The display of caller information on user-friendly pop-up incoming call reminder enables you to make immediate decision on how to deal with each incoming call properly. The available options include one-click call pickup, call transfer or call reject.

Contact List Management

All-in-one contact list management interface enables you to add, modify, delete or share customer information conveniently, combined with bulk import/export capabilities.

Click to Call

By simply clicking the nameplate button on the contact list, you can make an immediate phone call to your customer. The contact list also supports a quick and smart search for nameplates.

Call Recordings and Call Histories

The quick search for call histories and one-click recording playback function provided make you perform subsequent management on each call log entry in a more comfortable way.
Related Solutions
  • The New Rock call center solution has the OM20G/50G IP-PBX as the core component.With the “NeeHau” SoftConsole, and Wewei softphone to provide customers efficient, easy to use smart inbound call processing and customer call communication management solution.
  • New Rock NRP series IP Phones are high-end enterprise desktop phones with multi-functions. They support IPv6 and IPv4, with full "user, network, deployment, security" features, can integrate with IP PBX well, which is suitable for hotel unified communications.
  • A budget chain hotel has its head office located in City A, has more than a dozen branches in the City A and other districts/counties, with more than 20 customer services staff in total. In order to facilitate centralized management, only the head office number is used for public contact. When a customer calls in, the operators of the head office will transfer the call to different branch hotels based on the customer's area, and the branch customer service center will provide localized service to the customer.
  • To address massive information and data from each shop outlet, the headquarters will centralize the information management and run statistical analyses to uncover customer needs, evaluate shop outlet performance, and understand customer satisfaction.
  • The New Rock call center solution improves call reception and response rate using its 24/7 smart switchboard and a host of call-distribution capabilities. Call center employees are able to record customer information and call contents during the calls in real time. Management staff can access call histories, call recordings, and converted text of all call center employees in order to supervise service quality.
  • The New Rock MSE office telephone solution, which is based on the OM20G/50G IP-PBX and combined with the NeeHau™ SoftConsole and the WeWei® softphone app, provides smart inbound call handling and customer telephone communication management for MSEs with 30 or less members or sales/customer service teams.
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